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VFA Competitive Squad

Our new Competitive Squad program is open by invitation to experienced fencers ages 13 through adult. Competitive Squad members will train together and support each other in the pursuit of their fencing goals, while serving the club as a core group of motivated and enthusiastic athletes. The success of the program can be measured by the medals the athletes bring home, but more importantly, by the fun they have and the lessons they learn about dedication, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Membership in the CS is by invitation from the coaches, for teen and adult fencers in Level 3 classes who have shown motivation and enthusiasm for tournament fencing. CS is not a “level 4” class (Squaddies will still do their weekly group Level 3 drills on Wednesdays and Thursdays). Instead of drilling with the Level 2 groups on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Squaddies will focus on bouting and competitive skills.

Coach Geoff will lead the Squad for the first hour, in warm ups, conditioning, and setting goals, challenges or games to focus on for that evening’s practice. He will then be available for private lessons, while the Squaddies will continue to bout on their own. Jack Brisson has volunteered to serve as squad captain in Middlebury.


In addition to training purposefully and pushing themselves to become better fencers, the Squaddies will serve as leaders within the club, to help newer fencers develop the skills needed to join the CS program.