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Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Students Does the VFA Accept?

We welcome fencers ages 9 years old and up.

Fencing has complex rules (not intuitive) and requires a high degree of hand-eye and body coordination. Our classes are fast paced, and geared for older children, teens and adults. We would rather have a child wait until he or she is old enough to have a successful experience in our classes than to have the child give up in frustration. Our minimum age for students is 9; however a mature and focussed 8-year-old may join if a parent takes the class along with the child. There is no upper age limit for fencing-we have club members who are over 60 years old, and really enjoy our adult beginner students! If you have a child who is interested in fencing but too young to join the VFA, you can cultivate the child's interest by bringing him or her to observe a class and/or watch a tournament. Spectators are welcome at all of our activities free of charge.


How Do I Choose and Purchase Fencing Equipment?

Check out the VFA Buying Guide - click here.


How Do I Register for a Fencing Tournament?

VFA members can register for fencing tournaments through AskFred (FRED stands for Fencing Results and Events Database).  For instructions on how to use the AskFRED website to register for tournaments and clinics click here.